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Applications are closed, but check again next Fall!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience to join CUAir? Nope! This is a learning experience, so we are looking for your potential to learn and grow, not how much you already know.
We understand that not everyone has had the same opportunities in high school. We ask about previous experience, like high school robotics, only as an indicator of interest in pursuing team robotics. Previous experience is not required to get on the team and having background experience is not expected. Resumes or supplementary materials are optional in the application process.
If you are applying to a software subteam, the exception is that you know the basics of programming logic in at least one language (even if that language is Scratch). This way, we know you enjoy programming and are confident in your interest to learn more about it and its application to UAS technology.

As a member of the team, do I need to pay any dues or fees? As an engineering project team, there are no monetary requirements to join or participate.

Do I need to be a MechE/ECE/CS major, or even an engineer, to join? Nope! Members’ majors have spanned most of the engineering majors as well as non-engineering majors like AEM, Math, and Government. We are looking for people that have a genuine interest in and excitement about UAV/UAS technology. The only requirement is that you are an undergraduate student at Cornell University, passionate about learning and building.

What’s the recruitment process like? Applications open here on the website in late August and stay open until mid September.
After reviewing applications, we select several applicants to interview. Typically, two members of a subteam will conduct a 20-30 minute interview with each applicant. The interview consists of a few getting-to-know-you questions, followed by some puzzle-based, logical, or technical questions pertaining to the subteam. We try to allow a few minutes at the end for you to ask questions.
We primarily do recruiting in the fall. Occasionally, we also do a small round of recruiting in the spring.

Can I apply to multiple subteams on CUAir? Yes, you can apply to up to two subteams, and you'll be asked to indicate your first choice subteam. Keep in mind that even though there is only one application for CUAir, each subteam conducts their own recruitment processes. Can I apply to multiple project teams? You can! However, please keep in mind different project teams have different recruiting schedules and decision deadlines, and you may have to decide whether to join or decline a team before you receive all of your decisions. Acceptance of an offer from one project team necessarily means withdrawing all other project team applications.

Pro tips? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions! We will hold several information sessions before the application deadline and attending an information session will help you in the application process. To stay up to date with what we are doing, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or send us a telegraph! I know what you’re thinking. Who uses Twitter anymore?